How To Make the Most of Your Tool Storage Space

I am well acquainted with tools.
My dad had a boatload of them. There seemed to be a lack of tool storage space in my dad’s garage.
HIs garage was kind of a scary place to be, but kind of fun at the same time. When you are little, exploring and “endangering your life” seemed like fun.

Unfortunately for my husband, I no longer find either of those activities very much fun.
So, he incurs this organizer’s sporadic prodding to organize the garage. I don’t go to “his side of the garage” often. However, when it starts encroaching in the area my car is parked, you can bet I have some “suggestions”.
I do have to say he has made some progress and does have quite a bit of tool storage space. It certainly isn’t how I would do my shop area, but then again, it’s not my space.

Look up to find tool storage space…

With most organizing projects, especially when there is a limited amount of space, look up.
The walls and even the space above us can be great spaces for organizing. Especially in a garagesmall tool storage space or shop.

This pegboard is a great example of something that would be great for small tool storage space.

It would work well above the workbench. Make sure to position it within easy reach so things get returned where they belong.

I have also seen pictures where people trace an outline of each tool on the pegboard so EVERYONE knows what lives in that space. Easy peasy to put stuff back!
I like this pegboard because it is sturdy and customizable with some easy add-ons.


This rolling tool storage is a perfect example of something you can use if you do have floor space.

I love the look of this, and personally, I like drawers better as I am short and they make it easier for me to grab things.
There is no right answer. You know you and what works best for you. If you don’t, let me know and I can help. This good as a tool storage space for both small and larger tools.
PS – what a great Fathers Day or birthday gift for that tool lover in your family.


This is going to work great for those of you with little floor space.

Also if you like your tools to be a little more portable.
Again, it’s going to be a matter of your habits and preferences.
Those with limited work space often take their larger projects to the driveway. If that’s the case, this would be a great option.



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