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The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Organizing Cats

The single most important thing you need to know about organizing cats is….YOU CAN’T ORGANIZE A CAT! Believe me, I have tried. She insists on pulling the toys out and never putting them away! .   Cat’s generally don’t own a lot of stuff. What they do own is toy’s, and those usually get left where they were dropped.  Let me know if you have trained your cat to put toys away! As with any


How To Simplify Your Spring Cleaning

  Did you know the age-old tradition of Spring Cleaning has both cultural and religious origins? The Washington Post says that back in the 1800’s when homes were lit with oil lamps. that things got pretty greasy and grimy inside the house. When the weather turned warm, around springtime, it was the perfect time to open windows and let the soot out. It was also a great time to haul everything out of the house

adventure into the great outdoors

How to Simplify Your Adventure Into the Outdoors

Its that time of year, for those of us that live in seasonal areas, to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. June is actually Great Outdoors Month! For those of you ready to get out and do some day trips, simplifying during COVID-19 is especially important.During this time, many of us are under more stress, and for different reasons. We might be afraid of the virus, we might be annoyed at all the rules. Realistically,


How To Organize Your Closet This Spring

It’s almost spring, and with the new season comes new clothes.  Spring means hello to light and colorful clothing and goodbye to bulky winter sweaters and boots. It also means it might be a great time to learn how to organize your closet.  Before you head out on your Spring shopping spree, take a look at the things you packed away from last spring.  What can you still wear?  What is still fashionable?  What is


Tools, Tools and More Tools…

Today I am going to talk about small tools. Things such as ratchets,  hammers, screwdrivers, routers, and large tool accessories.  Things like saw blades. Items that are generally stored in the garage/shop area. Storing tools can be confusing, as sometimes we use them in the shop and sometimes we use them in the home. So, the “store where you use them” rule may or may not apply here. I believe in having multiples of things,


How To Be A Winner at Game Organization

  What’s your favorite game to play at home? Do you like to play with the kids? By yourself? With other adults? Can you find your games and game accessories? Do each of your card decks still have 52 cards? Are you more a digital game player or a board game enthusiast? Today, we are going to deal with board games and card games. In my line of work, I often find games located in several

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