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How To Make the Most of Your Tool Storage Space

I am well acquainted with tools. My dad had a boatload of them. There seemed to be a lack of tool storage space in my dad’s garage. HIs garage was kind of a scary place to be, but kind of fun at the same time. When you are little, exploring and “endangering your life” seemed like fun. Unfortunately for my husband, I no longer find either


Bills, Bills, Bills

Would you love for bill paying to be a little less stressful? Having an easy to use bill pay system is invaluable for this feat.  Let’s start at the beginning. The beginning being when the mail arrives. I have said it before, and I am going to say it again, deal with your mail on a daily basis. 1. When the bills arrive in the


10 Garage Tips Everyone Should Know

It’s almost summer here in the Pacific Northwest. How did your garage fare over the winter? I would say ours didn’t fare all that well. I might even take these garage tips and implement them this weekend. Anyway, our garage is pretty garagey right now. Cobwebs; spider “stuff”; accumulations of things that don’t belong where they are, but were put there “for now” since it was

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How to Prevent Planning Pitfall #1 | Untimeliness

The last couple of Monday mornings, I found myself sitting at a nice clean desk with the realization that I had not done any in-depth planning for the last couple of weeks. As I thought about it, I realized there are several planning pitfalls to write about. Many things can, and do get in the way of planning. By in-depth planning, I mean Reviewing my

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