The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Organizing Cats

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The single most important thing you need to know about organizing cats is….YOU CAN’T ORGANIZE A CAT!

Believe me, I have tried. She insists on pulling the toys out and never putting them away!

.  alleesmess

Cat’s generally don’t own a lot of stuff.

What they do own is toy’s, and those usually get left where they were dropped.  Let me know if you have trained your cat to put toys away! As with any toy, they need to be put away each night. Have you ever stepped on one of those plastic balls with bells inside? They really do hurt! I use the handy dandy kind of unattractive basket you see in the photo above.  Maybe I need to reconsider my basket choice?

Some cats have medications. Our 16-year-old kitty only has one, but others have more. I suggest a container to hold these. My husband gives our cat her medication every morning. We placed it near the coffee pot so my husband sees it and remembers to give it to her. It’s not pretty, but it works. And if you have children in the house, please be sure and don’t put it by the coffee pot. Out of sight and out of reach is best!cat food storage

Food and snacks are other necessary items in a cat’s repertoire. I suggest storing these out of the cat’s reach, especially if you leave them in the paper bag sack they come in. Some have been known to chew through bags! We transfer our cat food into a plastic bin. We do that because I can’t stand the smell of cat food. Also, it’s easier to scoop out of a bin and your arm doesn’t touch the inside of the bag and then smell like cat food. They have cute bins like this as well. Kitty snacks I store with the medications because sometimes they just deserve a snack for being good and taking their fish flavored medicine.

If your cat has a leash, hang it near where you take the cat out. Ours is used very rarely, and our cat is very grateful for that. But, it does have a home and we know where that is. Cat transporters. They are rather large. Ours is in the laundry room, which is where we leave the house. Cat litter is near the cat box, which is also in the laundry room. And, the pooper scooper is nearby and out of sight.

A general organizing rule is to store things where they are used. It’s no different for cat supplies. So, the closer the cat food is to the cats food and water dishes, the faster you will finish the task. And, our cat usually plays in the family room, so that’s where we store her toys. And, cat box and accessories are in near proximity. Another general rule for organizing is what makes sense to me won’t necessarily make sense to you. Just don’t cram the cat stuff where it makes no sense at all!








Have a purrrfect day!


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