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Are You Organized?

Hello everyone!  It’s been awhile. The last few months of 2013 brought with them some health issues that shall I say, kind of took over my life.  Luckily, I was

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Fantastic Photos

If you’re old like me, you probably have magnetic photo albums with pictures stuck to the pages, boxes of “orange tinted” photos and sleeves of double prints. Oh, and don’t

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Paper Crafting

Last week we talked about our crafting space.  Did you take any steps toward organizing your space?  Did you at least come up with a vision for your space? That

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Crafting Crazies

How many of you have a crafting space, crafting supplies, AND, a huge mess on your hands? Maybe you no longer want to sew, but, your space is filled with

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Summertime Savvy

There is less than a month left of school left.  How crazy is that?  This means summer break is going to be here before we know it. Do you create

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Bills, Bills, Bills

Would you love for bill paying to be a little less stressful? Having an easy to use bill pay system is invaluable for this feat.  Let’s start at the beginning.

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7 steps to reclaiming your space

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