The Household Hub


What exactly is a Household Hub?  What kinds of things will one find here?

My definition of a Household Hub is where everyone in the family goes to find important information that pertains to the household and those in it.

So, this most likely will include chore charts, calendars, school information, activities info, favorite restaurant info, and family schedules.

Where do YOU keep your household information? The kind of stuff that helps you keep up with what is going on in your life, your spouses life and your kid’s life?  Often times, I see it scattered here and there or under piles of other stuff, only to be found after a search party has been dispatched.  Other times, I will see it contained in a notebook, file or drawer.

I of course go for the notebook, file or drawer option.  The question is, how do we set up these notebooks or files so that we are able to find what we need when we need it?

As with any organizing project, we must first begin with a vision.  What types of things are going to reside in the Household Hub?  One of the best ways to decide this is to take a trip through the piles that are residing in the “want to be” Hub.  Of those papers, create a pile of things that make sense to be there.  Then, go through that pile and make a list of the things you have decided will be a part of the Hub.  Once this has been decided it is pretty simple to set things up.

Take your list and create files for each item or create sections in a notebook You can sort by family member, by subject or by both.  It may look like this – Johnny, Susie, Dad, Mom, Menus, Take Out, etc – or like this – School, Activities, Menus, Take Out, etc.  All the other things that were in the pile and don’t make sense to be in the Hub, need to go where they belong.  Bills belong in the office or bill paying area, junk mail is either shred or recycled and papers that need to be filed get filed.  The only things that belong in the Hub are things that help us run our household efficiently, so don’t stuff it with everything under the sun!

A family calendar in the Hub is a must have! Whether it be on the computer or on the wall.  Everyone needs to get in the habit of posting on the calendar and looking at the calendar on a daily basis.  Use a different color “ink” for each person.  This makes things a little more readable.  A weekly family meeting is a great place to discuss upcoming events and who is going to be where with who.

Have fun with the Hub.  Make it an easy place to access things and a pleasurable place to be.

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What a great idea! so glad you shared!

Thanks Debbie!