The Great Underwear Drawer Debate

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The Kiddo’s Underwear Drawer…

Once every 6 months, I help my granddaughter “organize” her room.  We usually get to the organizing part after about an hour of me asking “why does your room look like this?”

Anyway, while helping her decide what she wanted to live in her dresser I realized that a neat and tidy underwear drawer and 11-year-olds don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

I know – it’s not just 11-year-olds!

She doesn’t have a large room, nor does she have a large chest of drawers.
Her dresser has only three drawers, and they are shallow ones at that.

When she was younger and smaller this is how we set up her dresser.

  • The top drawer was the underwear drawer and contained undies, socks, and tights.
  • The second drawer contained items for her bottom half which meant jeans in the winter, shorts in the summer, and skirts for whenever.
  • The third drawer was for her jammies.

This last organizing session it seemed as if the drawers were shrinking, but in all reality, her clothes were growing.  She’s not 7 anymore. Dangit!

  • So, this year, the bottoms take up 2 drawers.
  • And, the jammies take up the remaining drawer.

Our dilemma was what to do with the stuff that used to live in the underwear drawer.
This is what we came up with.




Life is too short to fold underwear... Click To Tweet

I came to the conclusion she wasn’t folding her undies anyway, so, why not just toss them into a bin that fits nicely under her bed. It’s labeled Underwear.

What could possibly go wrong?

And the socks? She hasn’t matched a sock since she was 5, so why even worry about it? Toss them all in the bin labeled socks and call it good.

Please note, I didn’t say STUFF anything. If you are stuffing, you have too much. I said TOSS. And, I also mentioned the bin was labeled. So, toss your items into the appropriately labeled bin. Let’s not let all sense of decorum go out the window!

If your kids do have enough space in their dresser for undies and socks, that is the perfect place for them. I wouldn’t mix the two, however.

Some additional thoughts about the underwear drawer…

Does underwear really need to be folded? As long as they are accessible, the drawer can shut, and the items in the drawers are clean, it’s all good.

Being organized is about using time wisely and being able to find what we need when we need it…

Life is short.
Why spend it folding undies?