An Assortment of Resources to Help You Run Your Personal and Business Life Efficiently and Effectively.

Efficient & Effective

A sundry of items that will assist you in being efficent and effective.

neuyear calendar

I love this wall calendar. No wasted space AND I get to choose my weekly start day!

Planner Pads

My favorite paper planner

Calendars Quick

Printable calendars of all types. I love using these for planning

Google Calendar

My favorite digital calendar.


I use Evernote to store all of those amazing things I find online. I also use it for my daily task list and for all those notes I keep for myself as an Entrepreneur.


How much time do you spend trying to remember a password, or get locked out because you tried the wrong one too many times? LastPass is you solution to frustration and security lockouts.


Notion can be used by the solopreneur or by teams. It has many capabilities. I use it to keep track of projects and to do's. There are templates galore which are extremely helpful if you are short on time and energy. Or, you can create your own pretty easily. Give it a try!


This is a great way to "see time". Works great for children and adults.

Business Sundry

I use these items in my online business work. I find them helpful in being organized and productive.

A2 Hosting

This is the hosting platform I have used for years. Amazing customer service and hosting.


This is spreadsheets on steroids. Many templates to choose from. Free and paid version.


A great assortment of apps at low prices.


I use Canva mainly for business, but I also use it for personal use. The great thing about Canva, even I can create a design that looks halfway decent. So many templates to choose from and easy to use. There is a free and paid version. The paid version allows you to use your brand in your designs.

Ever get writers block? I know I do. If you are a digital content creator, copywriter, web designer, social media manager, online advertiser, or you are a solopreneur that does it all, this is a great time saving and sometimes sanity saving tool. Give it a try. It's free. If you sign up through this link and decide to upgrade to a paid plan within 4 days, you will receive 40% off your first year!


This works great at automating the business side of things. I am new to Dubsado, but it seems to be pretty amazing.


Part of being efficient is knowing how you are actually spending your time. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, this tracks where you spend your time. There is a free version and a paid version.

Lifestyle Sundry

As far as lifestyle, these are a few sites I like. Some are time saving, some are reference, some I use for ideas, and some show me how I can keep the earth a healthy place to be.


Earth 911 has an extensive recycling database. Want to know how or where to recycle something, head over to their site. They also have great articles about how we can be kinder to our environment.


Many companies we would never think of are taking great care of the environment by making their packaging recyclable. Many of the things you used might be recyclable. This is the place you would go to find out.

Real Plans

A menu planning app that saves time and money. You are also able to plan menus according to food preferences and number of people. I love this app. Always know the answer to "what's for dinner"?

Copy Me That

If you are an online recipe lover, this is the perfect app for you. find a recipe you like online? Just clip it and save it. And, you can even create a menu and a shopping list with this app. I use this on the daily.


I have been pinning things on here for years. I have created some boards with some great organizing ideas if you want to take a look. Don't get sucked in too much. It can be a time waster.


I love to look for design ideas on this site. You can check out my Idea Boards, and create your own. Love this site.


Some of the above links may be affiliate links. This doesn’t add any cost to your bill. Since I love the product, I promote the product. In return I receive a small thank you from the company.