It’s almost spring, and with the new season comes new clothes. 
Spring means hello to light and colorful clothing and goodbye to bulky winter sweaters and boots.
It also means it might be a great time to learn how to organize your closet. 

Before you head out on your Spring shopping spree, take a look at the things you packed away from last spring. 
What can you still wear? 
What is still fashionable? 
What is still in great shape? 
I know that some colors from last year are still in fashion, so that is a plus.  If you find you have changed your mind and don’t want to keep some of the things you packed away, get them to your favorite charity before you head out to the stores.  They would love some pretty spring/summer wear for their clients!

When packing away your winter wear, make sure it is clean and in good repair.  Also, that it was something you actually wore recently. If you didn’t wear it at all this winter, no sense in packing it away.

Unfortunately, spring time is not the best time to donate your winter wear. Even clothing banks are getting ready for the new season.  However, it doesn’t hurt to check and see if they might be taking them as some have the storage space and accept out of season clothing. 
Give your favorite charity a call and ask.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

If they aren’t taking things now, just pack the winter wear into a bag or box, label it as “fall/winter donation” and store until next season.  Make sure to put a note on your calendar for the fall to make sure you remember to donate. Keeping it stored next to the container of things you will wear again next year helps you to remember. When fall/winter rolls around, you will see the donate box, remember you have it, and get it to the appropriate place.

Fill the closet with your new spring/summer wear.  If you aren’t sure how to organize your closet, here are a few ideas for you. Hang items by type, then by color. If you want to take it one step further, you can hang by sleeve length if you wish.  If you wear clothes by outfit only, hang them together as an outfit.

Don’t forget to clean out the dresser drawers!  And remember to pack away any winter scarves and purses.

Enjoy your fresh and newly organized closet.

Happy Spring

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