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How to Simplify Your Adventure Into the Outdoors

Its that time of year, for those of us that live in seasonal areas, to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.
June is actually Great Outdoors Month!
For those of you ready to get out and do some day trips, simplifying during COVID-19 is especially important.
During this time, many of us are under more stress, and for different reasons.
We might be afraid of the virus, we might be annoyed at all the rules. Realistically, most days we aren’t even sure of the rules. The list of stressors is many.

It’s my belief that the simpler things are, the less stress we create for ourselves. We can’t control the virus, but, we can control some things, so let’s do that. Getting organized and being prepared is one of those things we can control. And, being organized before we head out is a great way to simplify our adventure.
Simple is simply easier and less stressful.

Before you go…
  • Make sure you are feeling well and not exhibiting any signs of sickness
  • Choose your “close to home” destination, and then choose two more that interest you. Numbers 2 and 3 are your options if number one falls through because of closure or overcrowding.
  • Research all three to make sure they are open and what their COVID-19 rules are. Here is a State Park link that should help in the case you are headed to a State Park. If you are staying close to home, then it shouldn’t be too big of a burden if you land somewhere and find that it is closed. Just cross your fingers and move on to destination number two.
  • If you are finding your favorite spots are too populated, the National Parks Service has created a virtual visit from home adventure. This is especially nice on rainy days, and might even inspire you to plan a trip for when things are calmed down a bit.
  • Pack your bags and head on out. What you put in your bag is an important aspect of simplifying your adventure, so be sure and keep reading.
Be prepared…

Every time you head on an adventure into the Great Outdoors, there are basic items you will want to take with you. Outdoor experts suggest you always take these things with you when you adventure outdoors.
As we reenter the world during these times of COVID-19, there are some additional things you are going to want to pack in your bag, as they may be a requirement where you are headed. No sense in arriving at your destination and having to forego the adventure because you weren’t prepared!

  • A mask. If you don’t have one, here are some easy instructions for creating one before you go.
  • Hand sanitizer. You can take a bar of soap with you, but there is no guarantee the water will be on.
  • Drinking water. This is something you will always want to take with you when heading outdoors. Please don’t depend on the drinking fountains at parks being turned on.
  • A small garbage bag of some sort. (this is another thing you should always have with you). What you do with your garbage at this time is a little different. The staffing at parks may be limited, so, it’s helpful to pack your garbage home with you.

Being prepared and organized will simplify your adventures, and, will make it so easy, you might find yourself out and about much more often. Have a great time and remember to be kind, considerate, and, pack it out! 

In the comment section below, let me know how these tips helped your outdoor adventure take place a little more simply.
Your ideas to simplify the process are welcome as well!

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