Oh, my goodness. Where did the summer go? 
I bet for some of you school preparation is the last thing you want to deal with!

Here in Spokane, our summer weather got here late. It doesn’t even feel like we have had much of a summer. There is still about a month before school starts and lots of fun to be had. School on the average around here starts September 5th, so, we may have a little more time than others.

How many of you have shoved the notion of school starting way to the back of your mind? 
How many are just in plain denial?
How many of you are ready?
How many of you are panicking because you have done absolutely nothing, or very little school preparation?
How many have you been ready since school got out last year?

For those of you in denial, in procrastination mode, or, you’ve just been busy…

Here are Four Easy School Preparation Steps to get yourself, and your kids ready for the big day…

school preparation

Make a plan…

Once the plan is in place, the rest of it is easy. Easy in the way that you know what you are going to do.

Implementation isn’t always easy. We may be time-crunched, have several children, or maybe it’s just a bad attitude day. Maybe we’re just exhausted or not in the mood. Having a plan can make these days a little easier because there is no mystery in what we are going to do when.

Here is how you are going to create your plan…

Pull out a piece of paper for each child that you are preparing for school. On the top of each paper write the child’s name. 

  • On each piece of paper, you are going to write down the things that need to be done to get each child ready for school. If the student is old enough, they can be a part of this. They will be your scribe as well as a part of the decision making process.
    (eg. Johnny, what things do we need to do to make sure you are prepared for the upcoming school year?) If you have several children, sit down at the table with as many as you can and do this as a group. Older kids can help younger kids. If that doesn’t work in your family, set aside 30 minutes of alone time with each child to create a list.

These are a few of the major things that will need to be done and time should be set aside for.

reclaim your space

    • get rid of clothes that no longer fit (reclaim)

    • find school supplies that can be used again (reclaim)

to market to market

    • buy clothes that are needed to get the year started

    • buy school supplies needed to start the year

be prepared

      • set a school schedule 

      • bedtime routines and time

      • morning routines including wake up times

      • lunch expectations

      • study time and expectations

      • set up a study space

      • extracurriculars

      • chore expectations

      • screen time, etc.

Get out your calendar and schedule time for each of the above. Whatever calendar you use to put work and family activities on is fine. If you like to color code, have each child choose a color of pen for their activities on the calendar and start planning.

A few things to remember when setting aside time

  • Each child is going to need a different amount of help and guidance. You know your kids. Schedule accordingly.

  • A good rule of thumb is to schedule twice as much time as you think you will need to accomplish the task.

  • I highly recommend working one on one with each child. Schedule time alone with each of them. It goes so much faster and is usually more pleasant. And, you have some alone time before school starts.

Please allow me to expand a little on being prepared.

Being prepared means several things when it comes to school. Putting the backpack together, making lunch, and setting out clothes for the first day is a great start. As a Productivity Expert and Organizer, I believe the schedule you make is the most important step of all.
It is the key to getting things done and creating routines.

We are all busy people. Both adults and kids. Having routines in place makes our lives easier. We know what’s coming up when. We know what’s expected of us.

If you implement a couple of things on your be prepared list a couple of weeks before school starts, you might be pleasantly surprised. Maybe not at first, but when school starts the process may go a little more smoothly. There most likely will be kickback, so start small. Something as simple as a bedtime and morning routine.

Post the schedules you have created with your child.
Will you need to remind them sometimes? You betcha!
However, it’s like labeling things. The label is right in front of you so you know what goes there. It’s a choice whether you put it there or not.
Consistently putting things in the right place make finding thing consistently easier. The same with routines. They become habit.

It is my hope that this school preparation primer helps set you and your kiddos up for a successful school year.

And that schedule you created? It’s not set in stone. If it doesn’t work after a couple of months, redo and reset.

Life is ever moving and ever-changing.

Do your best. You got this!

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