Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I want my dollars to count. By purchasing a practical stocking stuffer more often than not, I know my dollars are being well spent. 

After years of getting the girls silly little things for their stockings, and then seeing others stocking stuffers get sent to the nearest thrift store, I discovered another way. The way of practical stocking stuffers. 

Now, I have always been pretty practical. I don’t own a lot of things that aren’t useful, nor do I usually buy things for other people that I don’t consider useful.
I know, I know, everything has a use.
I am thinking more long term use. 
Will they love it, use it, or do they need it?

So, in the spirit of practical and long term use, I offer you some suggestions for inexpensive and practical stocking stuffer ideas.

Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Just as a disclaimer, if these items are already owned by the intended recipient, then they are not really practical stocking stuffers! 
I have included links to some of the items to make things easier for you.

I hope you enjoy your shopping. If you find you are inundated with stuff from the others, here is an article that will help you with the overwhelm of too much stuff. 

The links provided may be affiliate links. There is no additional charge for an item when you buy from an affiliate link. All it does is allow me to earn a very small commission if you do choose to purchase them through my link. 

Photo by Erica Marsland Huynh on Unsplash
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