Overwhelmed: Causes and Cures: Doing It All Ourselves

2017 is off to a great start here at the Vanhoff household.

We are somewhat overwhelmed here, as we are surrounded by snow and have been for some time now. Most of it is frozen and no longer fun to play in though. Up on the mountain may be a different story.
Now it’s all about walking safely and staying upright on the frozen tundra on sidewalks and parking lots.

Be safe out there and enjoy the snow in the way you enjoy it best!

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Are You Overwhelmed by Trying to Do It All Yourself?

There are things I like to have help with. They are usually things that aren’t in my wheelhouse or I dislike doing.

For example, this last weekend I wasted almost an entire day trying to get something to work because I thought to myself “I can do this myself.”  “It’s not that hard”.

Boy, was I wrong!  It was hard, and, the headache I had only got worse. And today, 3 days later I am still thinking about the time I wasted.

If I had a Virtual Assistant in place that is an expert at these things, I wouldn’t have wasted my time, my husband’s time or experienced the stress that I did.

What I am trying to say is that we can’t, or maybe shouldn’t do some things on our own. There are things we are good at, and things we are not. Things we like to do and things we don’t.

So, I say, why not ask for help?

When it comes to organization, either you are good at it or you aren’t. Chances are if you are disorganized or have trouble staying organized, you get overwhelmed when trying to organize and could use some help.

We rely on lots of other people to reach our goals and help us with tasks. People like business coaches, life coaches, personal trainers, health coaches, housecleaners, tax preparers…and the list goes on.

I am an expert in helping others battle overwhelm while getting organized.

I live in the Spokane area and am willing and ready to help you reach your Organizing Goals. I also travel. Especially to warm, sunny places!

call    509.710.9853
email getorganizednow@reclaimedspaces.com
message me Reclaimed Spaces Organizing Solutions

If you are outside the Inland Northwest and don’t want to bring me to you, you can find an Organizer in your area by going to the NAPO link and typing in your zip code.

I can’t promise you a party, but, I can promise it will be worth your while!