Overwhelm: Causes and Cures | Too Much To Do


Do you ever experience overwhelm? Overwhelm caused by having too much to do?

I know there are days I do.
It might be everything ended up happening on one day.
Maybe there was procrastination involved. Or, maybe the day just got away from us.
All of these happen, and when they do, we just do our best and move on.

We can have some control over our time, however.

CAUSE – So many things to do, and, seemingly, not enough time to do them

Time Mapping

This needs to occur every week. Map out your responsibilities each week on a time map. A time map is a layout of the time we are awake laid out in 30-minute increments. A time map gives you a clearer picture of how much time you actually have.
Doing this will show you if you have more time than you think or if you are trying to do too much and really don’t have enough time.


If you find you have too much to do, it’s time to prioritize.
First, make a list of your top priorities.
Then, schedule these things into your calendar. Work and play both need to be included.
Do you find you still have things that need to be done? Then it’s time to take a serious look at the things that are left to do.
Can they be either deleted from your to-do list or be delegated to someone else?


In this day and age, there are a lot of people that are having to do it on their own. Singles and single parents.
Single parenting is hard. I was one, so I know of what I speak.
You are doing the job of two people.
If you don’t delegate and ask for help, it’s one hell of a hard job!  And there are things that just need to be let go.
I had two small girls and not one bit of help from anyone. There was no way I could afford help. So, I had to prioritize and delegate.
I delegated age appropriate chores to the girls and I assigned a time to do them. I did the same for myself.
They were posted on the fridge even when they couldn’t read. That way I didn’t have to commit to memory their schedule and my schedule. A quick glance and it was clear what needed to be done.
Once they were old enough to read, they were on their own.
Chores weren’t our number one concern, though. Work, school, playtime, and activities were.
Was our house spotless? Heck no. There were often dishes in the sink, but, I was ok with that because I had clear priorities, and they weren’t chores.


Once prioritization and delegation have taken place, you can schedule time in your calendar to do the things you want or need to do. Make sure you allot enough time for each item. We often underestimate how long something will take.
If you think it will take an hour, schedule out 90 minutes, and so on.
After awhile you will get the hang of it and be able to schedule more accurately.

Creating Routines

I mentioned the girls had chores, and they were assigned times to do them. This may sound rigid, but, it was the only way things worked.
Were we perfect? No, we weren’t.  There were times we went out of town or just wanted to head out into the sunshine. Playing and having fun were priorities. Having a liveable house was one as well.
Routines established order and calm in our home. We knew what we needed to do and when we needed to do it.

Using time wisely –
If we choose to wile away the hours in front of the television, on social media, Pinterest or playing video games, we generally aren’t using our time wisely. These are distractions that often keep us from getting things done and realizing our goals.
How do I know this? Because I am guilty of this.

One day I mapped out my time and found I had more than enough time to get the things done I need to do. I wasn’t getting them done because other things were getting in my way. (And remember people, I am a grandma now, so, life is a little easier and not so busy. )
I am working hard at changing this, but, it’s not easy.

This may not be the case for you. You may truly be lacking in time.
Take a look anyway and see if you are spending time on inconsequential things.
You may be surprised where you are spending your time.

More causes and cures to come in upcoming Orgazines! Keep your eyes open.