Tools, Tools and More Tools…

Today I am going to talk about small tools.

Things such as ratchets,  hammers, screwdrivers, routers and large tool accessories.  Things like saw blades. Items that are generally stored in the garage/shop area.

Storing tools can be confusing, as sometimes we use them in the shop and sometimes we use them in the home. So, the “store where you use them” rule may or may not apply here. I believe in having multiples of things if we use them in various places.  So, a small hammer in the house might just be okay. I don’t think your collection of screwdrivers should live in the house however. Maybe one that has a standard head on one end and a phillips head on the other. And a small set for eye glass screws if you wear glasses of any sort.

Luckily, we can now store the hammer in the garage. I have finally trained my husband to put tools I will use away. So, screwdrivers and hammers can almost always be found. (I just can’t get to them). He has one of those rolling tool boxes and I absolutely love it.  One year I purchased magnets that are made for these types of drawers.  Now he knows where everything goes, and I know where to find it. If you don’t have a lot of tools, one like this will work just as well.  I like things we drawers as opposed to tool boxes.  Things get lost way to easily in a tool box.

As with anything, store likes with likes. So, all screwdrivers live together, sandpaper and sanders live together, paint and paint supplies live together.  Label, label, label and purge.  You get the picture.

And remember, tools are funny things. We often times purchase them for a specific project, use them once and never use them again. However, we think to ourselves or tell our spouse, I don’t want to let this go because it was expensive”  and/or “we might use it again.” Speaking from experience, I am thinking about a biscuit maker/joiner thingy right now. There’s a new song out called “Let It Go

Great advice!


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