Hi, I'm Cindy

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to meet me.

I’ve seen a need for efficiency ever since I was a teenager.
This has inspired me to use my love of order in a number of careers, including work with my organizing clients.
I spent ten years as a Drafting Technician, both at the “drawing board” and using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). I now use my gift for space planning to help my organizing clients create a more functional living and working environment. I am especially good at eyeballing a space and envisioning the end result. I also see changes that need to happen in order for organization to take hold.

Working as a Middle School Health Assistant for 4 years required me to successfully combine problem assessment, time management, and people skills to serve my students. There was a strong element of psychology and counseling to my work, both of which are assets when working with my clients.

Since 2006, I have been using my gift helping others create spaces that are life changing.
In 2018, a 30-foot, death defying fall from a Mayan Ruin sidelined my in-person services for a bit, and then in 2019, a herniated disc sidelined me for months.

Because I have such a love for helping others live their best life through organization and time management, I made the decision, or, actually, my body helped me make the decision, to move to an online platform. I have transitioned from Professional Organizer to Organizing and Productivity Strategist.
I have always known that having an organized space allows us to be more productive. However, the key to being organized and productive is having a time management strategy in place, and I can help you with that.

I still love to do do local in-person organizing and, I am not against flying to an exotic location to help you with your time and space management needs.

I can’t wait to meet you, and for you to meet me, either online or in person. 

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Organizing & Productivity Strategist

my why...

I’ve been there…
I grew up in a home where clutter, chaos and overwhelm were present, more often than not. My parents were children of the depression, and my mother especially saw the value and possibilities in most everything.
So, we had clutter. And we had stuff. Lot’s of stuff!

My calendar was cluttered too. I was a very busy child. But, rather than feeling overwhelmed from all my activities; school, homework, piano lessons, club swim team, Camp Fire, and chores, amazingly enough, I found comfort. This isn’t true for everyone. But for me, what brought me comfort was knowing that each of these activities occurred at the same time and the same place each day and each week.

They were routines, and having a routine is what helped me through the days of emotional chaos. Routines can be counted on.
I am not an advocate of filling our days with activity after activity. What I am trying to say is that by creating routines in our lives, as well as our children’s lives, we can bring some peace and clarity to what can often be, a crazy life.

All of the things that have happened in my life have created the person I am. It is my goal in life to share with others what I have learned so their lives may be enriched by uncluttered time and calendars.

your benefits...

I will be sharing with you through my blog and online courses, products that I believe work well to to organize your space and time. 

Because time is such a valuable commodity, I want your time spent here with me to be efficient, energizing and worthwhile.

Although being organized and managing time is not rocket science, it doesn’t come easy to all.
Personally, I think we could ALL use a little boost in the right direction sometimes.

Four times a month, via my blog, I will share with you tips, tricks, and mini solutions to getting organized, decluttering, managing time, living with less, and a bit about being kind to the earth.
I believe these are all steps towards living a fuller, yet simpler life.

Because I know some of you want more in-depth, step by step instruction, I am in the process of building a Course Library.

If you have ideas for courses, blog posts or products that might help you get organized, please be sure and let me know. 

my thoughts...

Having a lot of things doesn’t make our lives any fuller. Oftentimes, it’s an indication we may be becoming slaves to our possessions. The same goes with how we spend our time. We may be becoming slaves to busyness.

That being said, I don’t think we necessarily need to eliminate all of our possessions or activities either. What I do think is, we need to be honest with ourselves about what it is we really need to own and what we really need to spend our time on. Do the things we own and the way we spend our time bring us pleasure, or angst? 

What we choose to own and take care of determines how we choose to spend our time. It is a reflection of what is important to us. 
Choosing to simplify, be organized and manage our time well is really just about trying another way of living that will probably be more beneficial than the way we are currently living.

It isn’t about becoming a better person or a boring person. When we take control of our things and our time, we can live our life more deliberately. 

It’s about simplifying our lives so rather than wasting our time and space, we are using them in the best ways possible.

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