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Do you love being in your office?
Or, does the thought of walking into your office bring about a feeling you wouldn’t describe as “love”?

Having an efficient, effective and environmentally pleasant office, makes the day go better. Let me share with you how you can love your office again, or, even for the first time.

Each year, I change up my office. It may be a little, it may be a lot. It just depends.
Once COVID-19 hit, I was considered non-essential so I couldn’t work with anyone in person. This meant I spent a lot more time in my office, and a LOT more time at my computer. I found I was sitting way too much and decided I needed a standing desk. Those things are expensive!
We had a desk set stored away that I had used 30 years ago when I was a Drafting Technician. It had a motorized portion that I could use for the standing desk and then a couple of pieces that could be used for sitting work. This was a big change-up in my office as the desk configuration was different than my last desk.
The cool thing was, I needed to change very little in other parts of my office as it is organized, efficient and effective already.

All offices should be set up in basically the same way.


By Zones…

Every office is going to have different names for zones, but, they are still all basically the same. I am going to describe the zones and loosely cover what needs to be in each zone. The descriptions I use are going to pertain more to a professional office, a place we work where we are earning money, either inside or outside of the home.  Just remember, all offices are basically set up the same way so you can use this as a template for a home office, where home stuff is taken care of.

The Work Zone

This is where you do the majority of your work.
Maybe the work you do is at your computer. Maybe it’s making phone calls, leading Zoom calls, recording podcasts, drawing. The things that you need to do your job live in the Work Zone.

The things that are in my Work Zone are a computer, a keyboard, a second monitor, a phone, and when I am working, it seems like a lot of paper. My Work Zone is a desk, so I have a couple of other things on it. A small clock, a little container that holds chapstick, lotion, and a one-minute prayer book, a plant, and a mouse and mousepad. 

The Swivel Zone

The Swivel Zone is the area where you sit or stand to do your work in the Work Zone.
Back in the day, before we knew how unhealthy sitting was, people sat in chairs most of the day. Since most office chairs swivel, the Swivel Zone got its name. If you stand, twirl slowly in a circle with your arms outstretched, and this is YOUR Swivel Zone.

What lives in the Swivel Zone are things that we use often in our work. Often being every day.
These things need to be in easy reach so we aren’t wasting time taking unnecessary steps. Before you say walking is good for us, I know it is. But, set time aside to walk intentionally. By having the things we use on a regular basis handy, we are being efficient with our time, which gives us more time to set aside for intentional movement.
I like to work for 55 minutes and then get up and walk up and down the stairs in my house or take a quick jaunt around the block.

In my case, working at a computer, the things that live in my Swivel Zone are files I refer to each day, the computer, the printer, scratch paper, a phone, a clock, garbage and recycling cans, and a space heater. 

The Reference Zone

I am pretty sure no matter what we do, we have items we refer to on a somewhat regular basis. By this, I mean maybe once or twice a week, but not every day.  The Reference Zone is within just a few steps of the Work Zone. Not on my desk or in my desk, but nearby my desk. Most likely a bookshelf, credenza, or file cabinet.

My Reference Zone contains things like business books, marketing books, organizing books, financials, and recent past client files, and the bags I use when I go to meetings and/or client’s homes. 

The Archive Zone

In all truthfulness, I think this Zone belongs outside of the office but sometimes that’s not a reality, and sometimes, there is very little to archive. Archives are basically past business dealings that are over a year old, and, in my case, overflow of office supplies. I consider the Archive Zone to be a place that houses things that I very rarely need or use.

My Archive Zone is outside of my office. It contains past business calendars, any taxes and tax reference items that are over 2 years old, really old client files, and excess office supplies.


Been wanting to spruce up your office? Take a look at some of these inspirational offices and imagine how you could create zones in the one you love!
Something else to consider might be learning about how to feng shui your office.
Most important of all, maintain your office space daily. 

I love walking into my office almost every day.
I want you to as well.

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