Linens and Other Things…

I have discovered what I was calling a linen closet in my home was not just a linen closet. It is actually a combination closet. If I practice what I preach or I live in a home with a closet in every room, I am probably not going to be able to have just a linen closet.

What I preach is this. Have stored the things you need where you use them. This would mean, sheets in (or near) the room they are used in, towels in (or near) the bathroom they are used in and tablecloths and napkins in (or near) the room they are used in.

I also discovered that I am not totally practicing what I preach either.  I discovered that I was storing guest room sheets in the linen closet. They belong in the guest room closet so I moved them there. Guest towels won’t fit in the guest bathroom, so they do belong in this closet, which is right next to the guest bathroom.

Happily, there are things in here that do belong.  What I found I used my hall or “linen” closet for is basically an overflow space.  I used it for things that don’t fit where they are used (for example, the guest towels), and for things that don’t really have a “home”.

None of our bathrooms have medicine cabinets so the hall closet is used for non-prescription medications.  Motrin for the granddaughter, cough drops and cold medicines. I also store extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, bathroom cleaning supplies, and first aid items. Extra paper items and those funny little things we don’t use very often like the humidifier, thermometer and heating pad. ]

Why did I choose to store these things in this particular closet? Well, it is central in our home, it is large and can hold Costco size TP and Kleenex, and it’s close to the guest bathroom, guest bedroom, and the master suite.