Laundry Got Your Goat?

Just a washday in the Swiss Alps

Love Your Laundry…

Do you love it, dislike it, or just plain hate it?

Do you have tons of laundry or a manageable amount of it?

Over the years I have created some systems to make laundry more palatable.

I would have to say it’s not my favorite thing. Luckily, my husband and I have a system.

I sort clothes, he takes up the slack when I have fallen down on the job. Then, we each put away our own.

At our home, it is only my husband and I, so the laundry usually consists of just our clothes, with a little of our granddaughters sprinkled in here and there.
I do remember what it was like when we had the kids at home, though.

With or without kids, there are several things I find that make laundry easier.
The following tips will help you be successful in the laundry. 

1. Sort before you wash. Be sure to read labels.

This prevents most laundry mishaps.

This is how I sort my clothes.

  • darks
  • lights
  • dark delicates
  • light delicates
  • towels
  • whites

2. Create a laundry schedule.

  • once a week
  • twice a week
  • 5 times a week

These are just a few ways to schedule. There are of course other options as well. The idea is, do what works best for you and your life.
I do our laundry once a week since there are only 2 of us.
When my two girls were at home, I did laundry two to three times a week.
Be sure to let the family (including your spouse) know what that schedule is. Post it if necessary.
A quick reminder that you are starting laundry never hurt anyone. I’m all about chances.
If it’s in the laundry it gets washed. If not, it’s a lesson learned and maybe next time the stuff will make it to the laundry on time.

3. Set up the laundry room/area for success.

  • laundry soap, bleach, and fabric softener on or in easy reach of the washerdryer sheets or dryer balls on or in easy reach of the dryer (our dryer balls live in the dryer)
  • a place to hang hangers
  • a place to hang your clothes right out of the dryer is a must have. If you can’t mount anything to the wall, something like those laundry carts they have at the laundromat are great.

They do sell smaller carts at most discount retail stores or of course on Amazon. Like this one.

4. Get help from others

  • kids can pick up their own laundry and place it in a hamper from the age of 2 up, maybe even sooner. Make sure they learn this valuable lesson. The earlier they get in the habit, the better for them, and for you.
  • older kids and spouses can even help with the laundry. If someone is proficient on the computer, they certainly can figure out a washer and dryer.
  • folding and hanging clothes is really pretty easy for everyone (except the really Little’s)
  • have everyone deliver their empty hangers to the laundry room. When my kids were little, we had color coded hangers. That way I knew whose hangers were missing, and I could speak directly to that child.
  • let the owners of the clothing put their stuff away. it may not be perfect, but what is?

5. Hampers are king

Whether a hamper lives in the bedroom or the bath, you have a winner. Place a hamper wherever you have room, and/or wherever clothes are removed. They both work. There could be one in the bathroom for all the kids to throw their stuff in, or, one in each room. I highly suggest hampers without lids. After all, basketball is pretty fun! And, we as a human race want things easy. What’s easier than not having to lift a lid?
They have some really nice canvas containers these days that are really cute and match decor.

6. Put laundry away as soon as it is done

The washer, dryer or couch are not where laundry should live. A place for everything and everything in its place. Whatever you have designated for clothing, put the clean clothes there, on laundry day.

7. Some random tips

  • shake out when removing from the washer and before putting in the dryer (this helps prevent wrinkles)
  • hang clothes as soon as the dryer is done (this also helps prevent wrinkles and reduces ironing)
  • fold clothes as soon as you have hung those that live on hangers
  • have a laundry basket for each person in the house
  • put each person’s laundry in their own basket
  • let them put their own clothes away (it will be fine, really)
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