how to stay organized

How to Stay Organized

For those of you that have been stuck in your homes for the past couple of months, courtesy of COVID-19, and stay at home orders, this might have been a time of decluttering and organizing. If it has been, congratulations.
My question for you is, do you have a plan to stay organized and clutter-free?

These past couple of months have been something that I am pretty sure none of us have experienced before. I myself have felt as if I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone. For those of you not old enough to know what that is, Google it!

As in-home organizing wasn’t on the essential list, and without my granddaughter at my home four days a week, I had a little extra time on my hands. Although I was busy working on my business, I was also on a mission to rightsize my home. There are a couple of spots in our home that sometimes get the best of me. They are my husband’s office, the garage, and my craft room. My husband’s spaces seem to collect all sorts of things, and my craft room just needs a good redesign.

What Did You Discover during the stay at home order?

  • Did you find you had clutter, too much stuff, or disorganization of the things you own? Maybe you had all three?
    What areas were problematic?  Where did you find the disorder, clutter, and/or disorganization?
  • How did you feel after decluttering and organizing?

I’m thinking you may have learned a little something more about yourself, and maybe your roommates did too. I am hoping you did get the chance to bring some order to your home, and, you are feeling freer and lighter because of the things you let go of, and, because it’s easier to find what you need.

I want you to continue to have that feeling. Feeling good can sometimes require a little work, and staying organized involves a little bit of effort.

It’s worth it though, right?

Here are a few pointers to staying organized…

  1. Now that stores are opening back up, before acquiring something new, take a good look at the item, and ask yourself these three things.
    • do I really love it?
    • do I really need it?
    • will I really use it?
      If the answer is YES, YES, and YES, then feel free to spend the money. Keep in mind you should probably let go of something you already own with the purchase of something new.

  2. Create donation stations throughout your home
    • a box or basket on the closet floor in every clothes closet to place clothes that no longer fit or make you feel good when you wear them
    • a bin in the garage or out of the way space for items that you no longer need, use, or love. I suggest keeping them out of the way so they are not easily seen or easy to dig through
    • Donate the contents of these bins once a month. When it’s time to take them to donations, do not go through them again. You made the decision once. Don’t second guess yourself. A great practice is to take your things to donation immediately. Now that things have opened back up, you have that option.

  3. Every day is a declutter day
    • Each evening, every able-bodied person in the home spends 10 minutes putting things where they belong.  This is under the assumption you already have a place for everything. If you do not, do not pass go until you do. It’s impossible to keep an organized home without a home for the things you own.
    • If something takes 2 minutes or less to do, just do it. Throw the pj’s in the hamper instead of the floor. Put the toothpaste away rather than leaving it on the counter. The dishes into the dishwasher instead of in the sink.
      You would be amazed at what you can accomplish in 2 minutes!

  4. Take time
    • Sit down with the other family members and talk about what you learned about your clutter and organizing habits, and how you might improve your ways, or even what you enjoyed about less clutter and more organization
    • Have each family member do the same
    • Make it a family affair (see #3 for how)

In the comment section below, let me know what you learned about yourself regarding clutter and disorganization during the stay at home order.
I would love to hear what you are have implemented, or are going to implement as a family, a couple, or as roommates to stay organized…

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