How to Keep Track of Tools Used for Gardening

Despite my best efforts, I sometimes find myself in the garden missing some of the tools used for gardening. This will happen when I don’t use the systems I have put in place to keep track of the tools used for gardening.
Or, it happens because someone in my household borrowed them and didn’t use my system either. Luckily, I do eventually find them, in the garden where I left them!

My tools have brown handles, much like the dirt I find them laying in. Perhaps I need to get some bright handled tools when current tools used for gardening decide they are tired.

I did a little consulting with Martha Stewart, via her blog post and found some amazing ideas for organizing and storing tools used for gardening.

What a great way to keep the ball of twine from rolling away!


This is a great way to store the hose and keep all it’s attachments nearby…


S hooks and wood lattice to hang all kinds of garden tools on…

Just for fun, here’s a picture of how I keep my gardening tools. 

I store my gardening tools like this during the gardening season.
The only way to keeping your space beautiful and organized is if you remember, and put into practice these two tips…
  • A place for everything and everything in its place.
  • If it takes two minutes or less to do, just do it (aka put the tools away when you are done with them).

Comment below and/or share images of your gardening tool space. 

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