How To Have a Successful Yard Sale

Unfortunately, a successful yard sale is never guaranteed.

Rain, wind, and excessive heat may put a damper on shoppers’ yard sale plans. These, of course, are things we can’t control.

Planning a successful yard sale is, however, in our control!

Only sell items that are in good condition and clean. Don’t overprice your items. Keep sentiment out of the equation and be realistic about the pricing. And be willing to haggle. And, as with any project, start with the end in mind, and figure out the steps to take to get there.

The first thing to do, pick a date(s) for your successful yard sale.

    • Experts suggest Saturday is the most popular day for a yard sale, and a time of year when the weather isn’t extreme, such as spring and fall. You will want to start as early as 7 a.m. and go no later than 2 p.m.

The second thing is to work your way back from that date and figure out when you are going to fit the following actions into your schedule.

    • I like to get out a calendar and plan around all the other things I have going on.

The third thing is to create a staging area for all the yard sale items to hang out until the sale.

    • This is all that will go here. Mark it with a sign, or put crime scene tape around it. Make sure that everyone knows that only yard sale items may live in this area.

The fourth thing is to collect those items from your living and storage space that you no longer need, use or love.

    • I try to do this in as organized a fashion as I can. For example, I will clear one room of the things I no longer need, use or love, I price them, and I set them in the staging area I have created.  Some like to do pricing the week before so they have pricing that is pretty much the same across the board. This is why I like to do room by room. If I am in the kitchen, I am going to remember what I just put on another kitchen item. Like with likes! Place a covering of sort over your items so they don’t get dusty or dirty. It also prevents things from ending up in there that don’t belong there. Continue to do this until you have gathered all the things you are going to sell. You may need to hold off on the larger items unless your staging area is quite large.
The fifth thing is to spend the week getting ready for your successful yard sale.

Know where the things that don’t sell are going to go…

    • Make arrangements for a pick up of the items that don’t sell.
    • Make an arrangement with someone with a truck to haul the leftovers to donation.
    • Have another yard sale / SOON!. 


    • If you are going to advertise, now is the time to do it. You can advertise online and/or in the paper. I am not sure how many people look in the paper these days, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Table set up…

Place likes with likes. You are not a large store, so don’t scatter things around. Make it easy on your customers.

    • Kitchen items together
    • sporting goods together
    • clothing together
    • kids toys together
    • and so on and so forth

Create a cash-out area…

Cash register 

    • this can be something as simple as an art box. Make it portable so you can take it with you when you get up from the table.
    • Make sure you have plenty of change, in both coins and bills.
    • If you are selling larger, more expensive items, be sure and have 20’s on hand.

Table and chairs

    • you want to be comfortable, so make sure you have a nice little area out of the weather


    • this is the perfect time to put all of those plastic bags you got from the grocery store to use. I end up with the dang things because I forget my reusable grocery bags in the car.

Create and Place Signage…

    • the night before or early the morning of, make sure you put out signs. Large signs with a directional arrow and balloons or streamers are the perfect way to lead customers to your successful yard sale.
There you have it!
Some pretty easy steps to setting yourself up for a Successful Yard Sale

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