How To Be A Winner at Game Organization

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how to be a winner at game organization


What’s your favorite game to play at home? Do you like to play with the kids? By yourself? With other adults?

Can you find your games and game accessories? Do each of your card decks still have 52 cards?

Are you more a digital game player or a board game enthusiast?

Today, we are going to deal with board games and card games.

In my line of work, I often find games located in several areas in the home. In the kid’s bedrooms, in the hall closet, in the linen closet, in the basement, under beds and on bookshelves. In some homes, they are located in all of these places. The thing is, when this happens we aren’t able to find the game we want to play when we want to play it, nor do we really know what games we have.

As with everything organization, locate the item near where you use it. This includes games. Store them near where they are played. If games are played in many places, find a central location to store games in. Remember, they must always be returned to this area, otherwise, they are no longer organized. One way to ensure this is to do a 10 minute tidy every evening.

If the kids play games in their rooms, make a space in their room to store these games. Make sure they are easily accessible. If games are mostly played in the living area or a game room, this is where they would live.

If there is not a designated area where games are played, and you don’t want games in your children’s rooms, create a centralized area. In this case, make sure the kids games are within the children’s reach and the adult games are not. To stay organized and always know where games are, make sure they are returned to this central area when gameplay is done. By using a 10 minute tidy each evening, this is realistic.

There are a couple of ways to store games. Some people remove games from boxes and put all the pieces in labeled plastic containers. That can be a little costly, depending on how many games you have. It’s nice though because if you get all the same size boxes, stacking is a breeze.

Here are a few examples of game storage containers that will help you be a winner at game organization.
They are portable, see through, can be labeled and carried easily.
12″ x 12″ clear storage
13.13″ x 7.63″ x 4.5″

11″L x 6.63″W x 2.75″H
Some things to look for in plastic storage are
  • straight sides
  • lids that are easy on and off (or stay open easily)
  • stackable

Games that come in cardboard boxes are often all shapes and sizes and they are also crushable. I think plastic is great for those reasons. If your games get a lot of use, this may be the best way to go. Plus, as long as you buy all the same boxes, your toy storage becomes uniform. In turn, this makes them easier to stack and easier to store. Don’t buy a bunch of different sizes and styles. No more than 2 sizes would be your best bet.

A note about card games. Always store them together, whether it be in a basket or a plastic container. These are not stackable. Or shall I say they are, but they don’t seem to ever stay that way.

For actual pictures of game organizing ideas, take a look at Pinterest. There are some great ideas on there. Just make sure you use the basic rules of organizing

  • like with likes
  • store items near the space they are used in
  • get rid of stuff you no longer use, need or love
  • label, label, label

Now it’s time to become a winner at game organization.

Let me know how you decide to organize your games.


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