How an Instant Tent Eased My Pain

My husband and I camp occasionally.  And when we do, we like it to be as simple and carefree as possible. After all isn’t camping about enjoying the outdoors and relaxation? It is for me anyway. I work really hard to be organized before we leave so that we can enjoy the limited time we do have when we camp. More on that in a later post

Last spring I discovered a couple of things.

Instant tents, and instant tents that are up to 7′ tall in the center. Eureka!

So we bought one. And, this is the one we bought!

This is a 6 person tent. I know there are only two of us, but sometimes we take our granddaughter camping with us. It’s nice to have the extra room as I like to keep our clothing in the tent with us. Plus, I am a little claustrophobic.

What are the things that I love about this tent?
  • I can stand totally upright in the tent
  • My husband can almost stand totally upright in the tent (he didn’t want to get the taller tent)
  • We can have the tent up in about a minute (not including staking)
  • It’s much easier to put up in the dark than the one we had before
And how has it eased my pain?
  • No more sore backs from stooping to get dressed inside a tent (we only get those now from sleeping on the ground)
  • It is so much easier to put this tent up
  • No assembly required (we no longer have to figure out which stick goes where and then try and get it to go all the way through the little pocket)
  • And basically,  any stress previously felt when putting up a regular old tent
Happy Camping



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