I have a confession to make.

When I opened my organizing business, almost 12 years ago, I had stars in my eyes. Just as many of you are drawn in by the pictures of perfectly organized spaces, where all the containers coordinate and not one thing is out of place, so was I.

Come to find out, not everyone gets sucked in by those amazing photos!

I have become much wiser in my years as an organizer. And I can thank my clients for that. Instead of buying drawer organizers, some of them would just go and grab an old business card box or checkbook box to organize a drawer. Or, a favorite old coffee cup to hold pens and pencils. What great reuse ideas! And, we are using things we already own rather than going out and buying more stuff. That sounds like a win-win to me.

When I am in the midst of an organizing project, we will set aside almost anything that has the potential to be a containment item; within reason of course.
We just set them to the side until we have all the purging and sorting done. Then we take a look at what we have and use what works.

What I have learned is that there really is no reason to go buy a bunch of things to organize our stuff in. Chances are, we probably have something laying around that would be perfect.

As far as containment containers, this is my thought process…

The containers that house the organized items behind closed doors don’t necessarily need to be beautiful. They need to be functional at the very least. Sturdy enough for the items it will contain, and they must fit well.

If I am using containers to organize items in a space I see all the time, or, is visible to family and friends, then I am going to use a nice looking containment system. 
That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy new things. You would be amazed at the things you have laying around your house that would work as a containment system.

Here are just a few reuse ideas I came across…

Oh my gosh! I had to stop myself from looking at reuse ideas. Who knew there were so many out there? There are a lot more things I could reuse than I was even aware of.

I hope these give you some ideas as to where you could start.

What are some of your reuse ideas? Share them in the comments. And send pics if you want!

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