Got Questions?

got questions?I bet I can answer them!

As long as they pertain to productivity, planning or organizing that is.

This month I would like to concentrate on questions about clothing closets.

With the KonMari/Netflix craze everywhere, I hear many of the donation centers are overflowing with stuff. I have even heard of people being turned away, as well as donation centers getting picky about what they take. I can’t say that I blame them. It’s got to be overwhelming.

Many of us here in the US have an overabundance of “stuff”. Although most of the KonMari method is not new to decluttering, she certainly has made an impact on the world via an awesome publicist and agent. The best part, she has brought awareness to how much stuff we each have, and has helped us take a look at our stuff in a different way.

Marie Kondo asks, does it bring you joy? That is an important question to answer. I am pretty practical by nature, so the questions I ask are, do I love it…do I need it…do I actually use it?

Here are some of my “got questions?”

  • Why do we have so much stuff?
  • What makes us think we need so much stuff?
  • What do we do with all our stuff?
  • How do we quit accumulating so much stuff?
  • How do we maintain the stuff we have?

These are just a few questions I hear quite a bit, or, I think about it quite a bit. I bet you have some questions you would like answers to.

So, Got Questions?
Please head on over to this survey titled “Got Questions” and share with me your concerns, struggles, and questions surrounding clothing closets. Whether it be about decluttering, organizing, systems, planning, etc.
I look forward to hearing from you!

got questions?

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