Where Are Your Garden Tools?

By now, you probably already have your garden planted.

My question for you is…how easy was it to find your gardening supplies when it came time to plant? Were they easy to access? Were they cleaned and sharpened for use this year?  OR, were they hidden and buried amongst other things and maybe a little rusted and dirt encrusted from last year?

I love storing my gardening tools in something like this both during the gardening season and out of season as well.  I kneel when it comes to gardening so I use a knee pad.  However, at one time in my life I had something like this and loved it just as well.  It’s whatever works best for you…always.

If you are carting larger tools around, you might like something like this. It is both portable and can be stored in your storage shed or garage and it doesn’t appear to take up too much space.  As a matter of fact, I am going to look into one of these for our gardening shed.

Now that you have contained everything and know where everything is, you have found more time to do what you love – enjoying the garden.