Garden Tool Organizing


Spring is here and with that comes yard work. Some love it.  Some hate it.  By keeping your gardening items organized and easy to get to, it makes the task that much more pleasant and tolerable.

How many of you easily found the gardening tools you used last year?  What kind of shape are they in?  Did you clean and sharpen them before you stored them?  Are they still covered in last years dirt and grime?  What about the planters you used last year?  Are they clean and ready for reuse, or do you need to clean them before you use them?

At the end of each gardening season, it is best to clean your tools, sharpen those that need sharpening and store them where you will have easy access to them whenever you need them.  If you are both an indoor and an outdoor gardener, I suggest having an indoor set of tools, and an outdoor set.

There are several ingenious ways to contain gardening tools.  Today, I am going to share a couple of my favorites.

1.  This is my favorite, inexpensive way to both store and carry small gardening tools.  Pruners, a weeder, scissors, twine, and various shovels fill the outside pockets. I have a hand rake that is larger than the pockets will accommodate so it lives in the middle of the bucket. I also place my kneeling pad inside the bucket so I can protect these old knees whenever necessary!  Easy to carry and easy to store!  What more could you want – except maybe a personal gardener!



2.  What about those large tools?  Organizing Experts will often say if you are looking for more storage look up.  This basically means store what you can vertically, on a wall, or even overhead.

There are many solutions out there for hanging large tools on your garage or shed wall.  Just check out Amazon and Pinterest.  My opinion about wall hangers for large gardening tools is that they can be inefficient because they can waste a lot of space.  In order for them to be efficient, you must take the time to plan out your wall so things are hung efficiently and most likely you will need individual hangers for each item.

Personally, I say make it easy on yourself and purchase something like this.  It lives in the corner of your garage or shed and it’s easy to see what tools you have, and they are easy to access.  Put pointy things in the back so you don’t hurt yourself.

To finding your garden tools easily,