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10 Garage Tips Everyone Should Know

It’s almost summer here in the Pacific Northwest. How did your garage fare over the winter? I would say ours didn’t fare all that well. I might even take these garage tips and implement them this weekend. Anyway, our garage is pretty garagey right now. Cobwebs; spider “stuff”; accumulations of things that don’t belong where they are, but were put there “for now” since it was cold outside and the garage isn’t heated. Or, it could


Handy Reuse Ideas Just for You

I have a confession to make. When I opened my organizing business, almost 12 years ago, I had stars in my eyes. Just as many of you are drawn in by the pictures of perfectly organized spaces, where all the containers coordinate and not one thing is out of place, so was I. Come to find out, not everyone gets sucked in by those amazing photos! I have become much wiser in my years as


How to Reduce In Four Easy Steps

It’s spring. And with spring often comes a cleanout of some sort. We have been busy here at my home. In January, my husband and I set some goals. One of them is to reduce the number of things we own. How about you? Have you made any goals that have to do with rightsizing, downsizing, or just reducing the number of things you own? In the case these are one of your goals, you have come

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