Change of Seasons Checklist

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change of seasons

I don’t know what’s up in your neck of the woods, but here in Spokane, we have had snow, rain, sleet, and sunshine. All in the same week.

Maybe even on the same day!

I think the whole country might be in weather confusion. Even the flowers are confused. I have heard reports of crocuses and tulips peeking out of the ground, only to get snowed on.

The change of seasons, especially winter to spring, are a pretty big deal.

The clothes we wear become less cumbersome. We look forward to spending more time outdoors in warmer and sometimes wetter weather.

Spring is a time of new growth. For some, new beginnings. Some of us look forward to gardening and flowers and yard work. Some look forward to spring decor. Some new clothes. And some even look forward to spring cleaning. A fresh new feel and smell after a winter of our homes being closed up feels pretty darn good.

How about getting started on spring with totally leaving winter behind?

Here is a Change of Seasons Checklist – Winter to Spring
  • Get a head start on taxes 
    • Create a file just for incoming tax documents.
    • Place all incoming tax documents in your file.
    • Gather all of your tax-deductible receipts. Discard receipts you shouldn’t have kept in the first place.
    • Gather all the information you need from the computer.
    • If you find your tax system leaves a bit to be desired, create a new system that works.
  • Plan your garden, flowers, and/or landscaping
    • Start looking through the seed catalogs that have been appearing in the mail. Or, an even better option is to look online and skip the paper.
    •  Attend a seed swapping gathering. Most of us don’t have enough room to grow all the seeds that come in a packet!
    • Get those garden tools cleaned and sharpened.
    • Get busy planning.
  • Create one space in your home that screams change of season
    • Declutter that one space.
    • Dust, clean and polish.
    • Paint if the mood strikes you.
    • Decorate with flowers, a new houseplant or add a little spring decor.
  • Clean light fixtures and fan blades
    • Let’s face it. Winter can be blah. Brighten up the house by cleaning light fixtures.
    • Let the light shine!
  • Spit shine the kitchen
    • With the change of seasons also comes a change in our cooking and eating habits.

I think that gives you enough to do for now. We can’t be all work and no play.

May this change of seasons be bright and cheery and full of fun.


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