Busy Mom Solution #2 – The Car

carAs moms, we spend a lot of time in the car.  Taking kids to and fro, from this activity to that.

How can we make things easier?


Garbage cans.  A place to put garbage for both kids and adults. Make sure it is easily accessible and square or rectangular. I have a round pop up garbage in my car and it falls over, rolls around and dumps the garbage all over the floor.  How does that help?

Activities. Both adult and kids alike should have something to do in the car. Adults you ask? There are times where we are just sitting in the car. I know if it’s raining at soccer practice, I sit in the car.  There’s no sense in all of us being wet and crabby! A book, a magazine, a crossword puzzle. I know we have our phones, but they can die. A piece of paper won’t. And be sure to have several things to write with. Pens dry up and pencils break. Mechanical pencils are my favorite. A containment system for these items is essential.

For the kids, magnetic games, DVD’s of course, color books, drawing tablets, books and something to write and color with. I don’t suggest crayons in the car as they can melt.  And they get lost in and on the seats, and melted crayon on the seat is not a pretty sight. There are containers that go on the back of seats to contain these items. However, these can be difficult for small children to reach. I like to put something next to the child on the seat. A simple canvas storage container will work as well as a crate to contain activities. And if there are two children in the car, it’s a nice barrier between the two. Makes it harder to “touch” each other!

There are of course things that should always live in the car.  Things like hand wipes, sunscreen, lotion, bottled water, snacks, blankets, a first aid kit and emergency items in case of a roadside incident. And my favorite, sing along songs. Whether loaded onto your player or on a CD.  Singing makes any trip better.

Happy Trails…