How You Can Build a Better Garden Next Time Around


I don’t know about you, but in my neck of the woods, the garden is just about done. It’s tired and cold.

Last year I planted a garden and it didn’t do well at all. This year I planted a garden and it did great. Next years is going to be even better.

The first year using our raised bed garden I know I planted too much stuff too close together. This year I didn’t make the same mistake.

However, there were other things that I did wrong and I totally forgot what they were. These were things I swore I would remember, or, I would write down later so I didn’t forget. But guess what?  I forgot. I forgot what I swore I would remember and I didn’t take the time to write down what should have been written down.

So this year, although my garden was great, there are still several things I need to change up for next year. And you know what? I am going to write them down this year. And very soon before I forget.

Things like

  • Don’t plant pumpkins. The darn things take over the whole garden. Plant something I like better instead (like watermelon)
  • Plant cool weather crops together
  • Plant things that need the same type of watering schedule together
  • And a list of when and what to fertilize
  • Make sure one plant doesn’t shade another
  • Plant mint in it’s own container

These are just a few of the things I need to remember.  And here is how I am going to remember them.

This year, I had a file that is labeled with the word Garden. Since it got too fat with all the information I put in it, next year I am going to use a Project Sorter instead.

Here is what one looks like.

I use these for many types of projects. Both projects for work and for home.

Once my folder is complete, it will contain the following. I will note these on the front of the folder.


  1. Current bed plan (for next planting year)
  2. Past bed plans with notes about what worked, what didn’t, and when I planted what
  3. When to plant and fertilize table
  4. Plants per square foot guidelines (for square foot gardening)
  5. Growing How To’s (plant specific)
  6. Companion Planting Guide
  7. Past seed and plant orders/ purchases
  8. Organic fertilizer / pesticide information
  9. Composting Information
  10. Notes

I am looking forward to an amazing garden next year.

I will put a note in my folder to post pics!

Happy Remembering,


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