Words of Appreciation

I hired Cindy because I wanted my office to be efficient and to feel comfortable. Cindy listened to exactly what I wanted and knew just what to do. One of my goals was to be able to find ANY document, no matter how obscure, within 10 seconds. Cindy made that a reality.
Another goal was for my office to be clean and put away at the end of each day. Cindy made that a reality also. I think the most impressive part of Cindy’s organizing is sustainability. Not only did she help systematize my office, but I’ve easily kept it up for months.
I encourage anyone serious about organizing to hire Cindy

Carlos J...
Transformational Business & Life Coaching

Working with Cindy has been life changing! I hired her to help me declutter my storage area. She has sorted along side me and helped me understand what to do and why.
When I got burned out she helped me declutter and organize my kitchen with drawings and step by step instructions.
She is truly gifted!


Paula C...

I love my office!
It has been several months since Cindy worked her organizational magic and the office is STILL WORKING!
She gave me simple instructions and provided me with accountability (target dates) so I would “get it done”.
She was conscientious about budget issues and offered various options to facilitate money, time and energy constraints.
I personally appreciated her willingness to get down in the mess, for doing the shopping for containers/materials, and online research for me. It was a relief for me that we didn’t have to knock out walls or rip shelving units out to do the extreme makeover. Instead, she suggested practical ways of using what was at hand more efficiently. Furthermore, I have been utilizing learned organizational steps on other areas of our home now! I consider that a bonus!

Terry M...

Cindy helped me to organize the continual multi-tasking of projects involved in a growing non-profit organization. Being passionate about your work is only part of being productive—the other part is being organized with a system that truly works. By taking time to discuss very specific needs of my job, she then created a working system to maximize my time at work—so that I don’t take so much work home with me every night! When she is finished, you have a ‘how-to’ list of ways customized for your individual work situation.
I found myself saying “why didn’t I think of that’ about many of her ideas and suggestions. She knows organization, and has the ability and knowledge to share those tips with others to help with work or home projects.
I would recommend Cindy to anyone who wants to find ways to improve their work productivity.

Marlene A...
Executive Director Women’s at Children’s Free Restaurant

Cindy has been a volunteer for my organization, CAPA (childbirth and parenting alone) for the last 4 years.
Cindy has offered her organizational services to us many times. She took donations from area businesses and created a space that resembled a small store. Having this area well organized helped us to make sure we could get the donations out to our clients.
Cindy is amazing!

Lisa G...
CAPA Doula Coordinator

I am a single mom with very little time on my hands. I chose to have Cindy do all of my organizing for me.
When I was ready to do my Christmas decorating this year it was just great! All I needed to do was go to the storage area, pull out all the containers marked Christmas and start decorating. When it was time to take down the decorations, the containers were labeled so I knew where to put everything away.
Next place I am going to have her do is my bedroom

A single mom in Spokane...

Thanks Cindy!!!
I am happy to report I finished filing all of those papers!!!! I also completed all of the shredding that didn’t get filed.
I cannot begin to tell you how amazing I feel. It is like a literal TON of paper piles have been lifted off of my shoulders and cleared from the space of my mind.
You honestly could name your business reclaimed minds…reclaimed hopes…reclaimed dreams…reclaimed lives!!!!
I have a newfound creativity and confidence that I have never enjoyed in all of my life. You are an absolute blessing!!! Keep doing the important work of helping people RECLAIM THEIR LIVES!

Heather J...

Cindy has been awesome! I have had her come in for 2 three hour sessions and she has help me design my office space to be efficient.
She has helped me to create systems that eliminate clutter by using technology.

Arthur S...

I used to dread my office space. Made the best of it.
NOW, I’m drawn to it! Thanks to Cindy and her effective coaching, I have transformed my work space into a room I want to be in and am incredibly productive in.
She’s so much more than simply moving things around. She’s about processes and productivity. Highly recommend her!

Tara W...