5 Routines to Help Simplify Your Day

As a child, I was involved in lots of activities. Hence, routines were a necessity in my life. Routines were actually calming for me. As the craziness of life whirled around me, routines were the one thing I could depend on.

Some people tell me routines are boring.
Well, it’s all a matter of perspective.

Let me tell you mine.

We live in a pretty crazy world. Every day something new enters our lives. Things that aren’t routine. Mother nature, pop quizzes, mechanical breakdowns and digital disasters.
And then there are things that happen routinely just about every day.
Work, school, homework, meals, laundry, showers, brushing teeth, etc.
So, if there are things that happen just about every day, why not make a routine around them? Make life a little easier.
There’s something about knowing what is going to happen when that is soothing to the soul. This helps us to deal a little better when those unexpected things occur.

Here are 5 things that will help you simplify your day.


1. Create a morning routine for yourself and for the kids

  • get up at the same time every day
  • make the bed
  • exercise
  • cup of coffee and quiet time (that’s for you)
  • shower
  • brush teeth
  • dress


2. Create an after work / school routine for yourself and for the kids

  • spend a few minutes relaxing and relating to the kids and/or the spouse
  • snack time
  • put backpacks, purses, and briefcases away rather than just tossing them until later
  • homework
  • practice whatever you or the kids are into (piano, baseball, dance, swimming)
  • sit down to dinner the same time every night
  • prep dinner yourself or with the kids (whichever is easier)
  • make lunches
  • set the table for breakfast


3. Set aside certain days for certain chores

  • chores to be done on certain days
    • vacuum on Sunday and Wednesday
    • laundry on Monday, Wednesday,  and Saturday
    • thoroughly clean your room on Saturday
  • make a menu every week
    • my husband grew up with stuff like Spaghetti Saturday, Meatloaf Monday, etc
  • grocery shopping day
  • family meetings


4. Plan the following week the week before and tomorrow the night before

  • Having a master plan for the week is really helpful. It prepares you for what lies ahead.  As always, there are surprises lurking out there, so, if everything doesn’t go as planned, it’s ok. Just deal with it and move on.
  • And by checking your calendar each night, you wake up prepared for the day. What a grounding feeling.

5. Get enough sleep

  • hit the hay the same time every night
  • have a nighttime routine which may include
    • a gratitude journal
    • some uplifting reading
    • a bedtime story with the kids
    • electronic free time for everyone
    • a cup of chamomile tea
It’s clear this is in no way a comprehensive list. That would have made for one long post!
These are just some basics. Somewhere to start.

Routinely yours,