Get Organized – Camping


car camp·ing

noun: car camping

  1. a type of camping which involves driving rather than walking to a campsite

car/tent camp·ing

noun: car/tent camping

  1. a type of camping which involves driving rather than walking to a campsite and sleeping in either a tent or under the stars

We love to car/tent camp. We don’t do it often enough, however.
That may be the reason we found ourselves without a few things our first trip out. That, and I don’t have a checklist. I should, though.
I found this one that REI created.  I think I will pare it down to fit our needs and attach it to the camping bins for our next time out.

We did, fortunately, have coffee, food, and shelter. I guess wiping our hands on our smoked permeated pants really was no big deal!

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Organizing Idea 1…Keep some things packed year round

Here is an example of how I assemble stuff in bins that stay packed all year. You will always have everything you need as long as you replenish and repack after each camping trip.

Bin 1

  • bath and shower supplies
  • insect repellent and sunscreen
  • hand sanitizer
  • games

Bin 2

  • camp stove
  • kindling
  • newspaper
  • fire starters
  • gas for camp stove
  • matches and lighter

Bin 3

  • paper towels
  • coffee cups
  • dinnerware
  • pots and pans
  • utensils
  • tablecloth
  • drinking cups


Organizing Idea 2…Pack the vehicle in the opposite order of camp set up

This is how we pack. Remember, your way may be different

  • bin 3 and 1
  • clothing
  • food
  • sleeping bags
  • bin 2
  • tent
  • rain shelter
  • flashlights and lanterns (because we sometimes set up in the dark)


Here is my solution to setting up tents in the dark


Organizing Idea 3…Put camping gear away as soon as you arrive home

I know you are tired from the trip. However, it doesn’t take any more time to put things away as opposed to throwing them on the garage floor. If you don’t have a designated space for your camping gear, it’s time to make one now. Make sure it all lives together. Don’t scatter it here and there, wherever you find an empty space.

Organizing Idea 4…Replenish and Replace

  • Replenish the things that were used up on your camping trip.
  • Replace anything that no longer works the way it should.

Organizing Idea 5…Manage all the photos you took

  • Delete the ones that aren’t good, print the ones you love.
  • Create a folder for the ones you keep. Be sure and caption the photos that are special.
  • Don’t trust your memory. It will fail you now and again.
Happy Camping


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