10 Steps to Creating and Keeping a Clutter-Free Home Office

Why would a clutter-free home office be more of a challenge than an off-site office?

Well, unless you live by yourself or have a lock on your office door, the reasons would include, roommates, kids, spouses, the dog and/or the cat.

I find the home office is often a dumping ground. Or, expectations for the space are often unrealistic.

Here are just a few of the things I have seen crammed into a home office space.
  • business computer
  • home computer (for everyone else to use)
  • filing systems
  • homework station(s)
  • kids schoolwork (both past and present)
  • books
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • guest bed
  • desk(s)
  • paperwork (past and present)
  • file cabinet(s)
  • office supply storage
  • chair(s)

It may not seem like a lot, and they may all seem like they belong in the home office (all but the bed), but, they can’t and they don’t.


It’s amazing what space you create when you declutter. Decluttering simply means relocating, removing or relegating to the garbage things that aren’t being used.

So, when I go into an office that has filing systems that have never been purged, several years worth of magazines, or bookshelves that contain books that are no longer of interest, there is no way it is ever going to feel ok until those things are removed.


Here are My 10 Simple Steps to Creating and Keeping a Clutter-Free Home Office
  1. Create a vision for your home office space (this includes knowing what activities and items will live in the home office space)
  2. Relocate, remove or relegate to the garbage those things don’t allow your vision to be a reality
  3. Create systems for incoming paperwork that keeps paper contained rather than all over the desk(s)
  4. Have an awesome filing system (and use it)
  5. Have a “to file” basket (this keeps paper piles off your desk)
  6. File on a regular basis (put this on your calendar)
  7. Create a space and a small storage area for each person that uses the office
  8. EVERYONE cleans their space off at the end of the day. (this is where having systems and homes for things comes into play)
  9. Archive tax, financial and medical papers that need to be kept but are not in use (outside of the office space)
  10. A place for everything and everything in its place

There you have it. How to create a clutter-free home office.

Let me know how it goes.