13 Essentials for Your Laundry Area

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laundry area

Some of us have laundry rooms.

Some of us have laundry areas.

And some of us have neither.

If you are without one at this time, this post will still be helpful for your future laundry area.


Here are the 13 things that are essential to any laundry area.
  1. Laundry Soap
  2. Stain Remover
  3. Dryer Balls or Fabric Softener
  4. Hangers
  5. A place to hang clothes right out of the dryer
    1. For small spaces one like this
    2. For larger spaces, perhaps this would do
  6. A place to hang clothes to like to hang dry
    1. For small spaces one like this
    2. For larger spaces, perhaps this would do
  7. A small catch-all for buttons, loose change and all the fun things we find in pockets
  8. A small trash can
  9. A small sewing kit
  10. Laundry baskets
  11. Mesh bags for delicate laundry
  12. A steamer if you don’t use an iron
  13. An iron and ironing board if you do use an iron

People with a larger laundry area will often keep more in their space than just laundry supplies.  We have an actual laundry room in our home and these are some of the things we keep there, aside from the laundry items. They are cleaning items so it makes sense they would live there. I don’t have a utility closet, so, the laundry room cupboards make do.

  • batteries
  • light bulbs
  • assorted types of tape
  • extra cleaning supplies
  • rags
  • broom and dustpan
  • vacuum accessories that are rarely used

Those with smaller laundry areas, say in a hallway closet or with just enough space for stackables, will have the bare minimum for space. There may not seem like there is room for the essentials, but there may be.Take a look at the things I tagged in the list above for small a small laundry area. One of those things or something like it might just work for your laundry space.

Did you discover anything missing from your laundry area?

Did you find anything I missed?

Post in the comments below what you feel are essentials to your laundry area. 


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