Sports Gear Galore!

Those of you with younger children are probably enjoying a summer free from organized sports. However, if you have older kids, you may be firmly ensconced in sports year round. And along with sports, comes all kind of sports gear.

Some sports use big equipment – and some don’t. So, the basketballs, soccer ball and baseballs are relatively easy to store. A simple shoe rack by the entry door so mud isn’t tracked in the house and a place to hang bats and you’re ready to go. Right?

If you have one child maybe. What to do when you have several children involved in several different sports?

You can either store sports gear by child, by sport, or by item. Whichever makes most sense to you – and the kids. For example, if by item, all balls could be stored in a ball organizer. Or, if by sport you could store all of your baseball gear together on something like this.

If you would prefer to store all of your sporting gear together in one space, how about something like this?

The ultimate sports storage

I just love it!

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