Paper Crafting

Last week we talked about our crafting space.  Did you take any steps toward organizing your space?  Did you at least come up with a vision for your space? That is perhaps the easiest part, and yet the most important!

For the next few weeks, I would like to break it down for you a little bit more.  This week we will talk about paper crafting supplies, next week, about photos.

Paper crafts include but are not limited to card making, flower making, decoupage and scrapbooking.  All of these crafts have may things in common, including supplies.  What are some of the things that are needed for you to paper craft?  I have come up with a list.  You may use some, all, or more of these products.  If I have missed something of major importance, please comment in the comment area below.


Here’s my list…

  1. Paper (12″ x 12″, 81/2″ x 11″, paper pads, scraps, die-cuts, kits)
  2. Cutting utensils (scissors, circle and oval cutters, straight cutters, exacto knives)
  3. Adhesives (2 sided tape, glue, mod podge, glue sticks, sticky squares, glue dots)
  4. Stamps and ink and stamping accessories
  5. Colorants (chalk, pens, paint, powders)
  6. Writing utensils (markers, pens, pencils)
  7. Templates of all shapes and sizes
  8. Machines (Cricut or similar, sticker makers, stitching machines)
  9. Inspiration (books, magazines, articles)
  10. Albums and accessories (page covers, posts)
  11. Out of date calendars (to use for journaling and activity dates)
  12. Embellishments (ribbon, brads, buttons)

I love my list.  And you know why?  It’s because this is how your things need to be sorted and stored in your crafting space.  It’s almost done for you.  All you need to do is determine what kind of containers to use and where you are going to store things.

Things that are used on a regular basis need to be out and easily accessible.  So, a container such as this would be great.  It can store writing utensils, cutting implements and adhesives.

Paper storage can be difficult but is doable.  Containment will be determined by how much space you have and how much paper you have.  Here’s a colorful way to store paper.  Fill with paper that has been sorted by color and place on a shelf.  You could even color coordinate your papers to match the container.  Be sure and keep you paper out of sunlight’s way.

Embellishments come in all shapes and sizes.  Luckily, most of them are small and you can contain several of the same thing in one containers.  I love glass jars for these types of items.  How big of a jar is determined by how much stuff and how much room you have.  You can store embellishments by type, or by color.  Make that decision on how you will look for things.

I have covered storage of just a few supplies.  Basically, it’s all about storing like items together and in a storage container that makes sense.  If you have a small space to craft, you aren’t going to be able to have as many supplies as someone with an entire space dedicated to crafting.  Plan accordingly.

You need to ask yourself some important questions.

  • What are my project goals at this time?
  • What do I have time for?
  • What will I realistically work on?

Those items that aren’t required to create the things you envision, need to go.  If you find that difficult now, revisit your supplies again in six months.  If you haven’t used the items by that six-month check-in, chances are you won’t, at least not in this season of your life. It’s time to let them go and move onto things that fulfill you now.

Live life for today, not for those things you might do someday.

Happy crafting,