Crafting Crazies




How many of you have a crafting space, crafting supplies, AND, a huge mess on your hands?

Maybe you no longer want to sew, but, your space is filled with fabric.  Maybe you have decided to scrapbook digitally and still have tons of scrap booking paper and embellishments?  If this is the case, now would be a good time to rid yourself of the things you no longer need and to organize the things you will need.

“How do I start?” you ask?  This is how I have everyone begin the process.

With a vision…

  • What is your vision for your space?  Do you even have a space?
  • What would you like it to look like?
  • How would you like to feel while you are in that space?
  • Who will use the space?
  • What will live there to support that vision?

Write the answers to each of these questions on a sheet of paper.  Refer back to it often while you are creating your space.

Let’s get busy creating a space you will love.

1.  Start with the things that will live in the room.  Get rid of those things that you will no longer be using.  Ask yourself… Do I love it – Do I need it – Do I use it?  If it doesn’t fit into one of these categories, get rid of it.  And no, one of the questions is not “will I use it someday?”. There will always be things we think we might use down the road for an “off the wall” project.  If it doesn’t fit in with your current crafting loves, get rid of it.  Really, I mean it, just let it go.

2.  Sort your items.  Paper craft items with paper craft items, florals with florals, stamping with stamping.  I know, some things overlap.  Put the stamps with stamps, paper with paper, cutting tools with cutting tools, adhesives with adhesives.  You get the point.

3.  Contain your items.  I like containers that are uniform and stackable.  These could be plastic bins you label, decorative tins or decorative boxes.  If things are going to be out and visible, I like pretty containers.  If they are going to be hidden behind doors, plastic bins are just fine.  That is just my preference.  Yours may be totally different.  I think it is important to have containers that stack and are somewhat uniform, however.  It just makes more room for more things and looks nice.  Photo boxes work great.  They aren’t just for photos you know!

4.  Plan your space.  I go to Pinterest and search for craft room organization.  There are some great ideas on there, but beware, it can be overwhelming.  You know what you are going to be doing in the space and how many supplies you have.  What is essential for you to be able to create?  At the bare minimum, a workspace, a chair, good lighting and storage.

The workspace is pretty important.  Will you be using the kitchen table or will you be able to have a workspace designated for crafting only?  You won’t want things to live ON the workspace.  You want to be able to put things away.

Where will your crafting supplies live?  In a closet, on exposed shelving, in a buffet?  What needs to always be accessible, and what can be put away?  I keep my scissors readily accessible. I may need to move them up a little higher so my granddaughter is not able to reach them anymore.  They seem to go missing a lot, ever since she lost the pair that lives in the kitchen drawer 🙂

These tips should get you started on organizing your craft area.  If you run into troubles or need some advice, I am here for you.  Just ask…


Happy Organizing,