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What Experts Are Saying About Clothes Recycling

One of the greatest sources of recyclables live in your closet. I know this because I have seen many a closet. Most of us will never wear all the clothes or the shoes that we own.  It’s springtime, a perfect time

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If You Read One Article About Hazardous Wastes Read this One!

Today let’s talk hazardous waste. As  Professional Organizer, I help organize many different areas in people’s homes.  A couple of areas where I see a lot of hazardous waste accumulate are the garage and garden sheds. This is where your

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Why the World Would Suffer Without Electronic Recycling

  As a Professional Organizer, I often find old computers, tv’s and cell phones lurking in closets, office closets and basements. I always suggest that clients wipe the hard drive and delete all information from their phones then haul them

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