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What’s Up in the Packrat World?

packrat noun a ratlike rodent that accumulates a mound of sticks and debris in the nest hole, native to North and Central America. NORTH AMERICAN derogatory – a person who saves unnecessary objects or hoards things. The way I look at it,

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Overwhelm | Causes and Cures | Too Much Stuff

Christmas was here no too long ago. Or a birthday. Or a holiday. They all seem to blend together after a while, and the result? Too much stuff, and it’s stuff we often never let go of. I hate to

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Overwhelm: Causes and Cures | Clutter

  Overwhelm. It gets to all of us. Clutter can be a leading cause. During the holiday season is no different. For many, it’s even more prevalent. The holidays often consist of finding spaces for things that usually don’t live

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