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Laundry Got Your Goat?

Love Your Laundry… Do you love it, dislike it, or just plain hate it? Do you have tons of laundry or a manageable amount of it? Over the years I have created some systems to make laundry more palatable. I would

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The Great Underwear Drawer Debate

The Kiddo’s Underwear Drawer… Once every 6 months, I help my granddaughter “organize” her room.  We usually get to the organizing part after about an hour of me asking “why does your room look like this?” Anyway, while helping her decide

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Busy Mom Solution #1 – The Laundry

Every May, we honor mothers.  Moms are busy people, so why not save some time and effort wherever we can.  This May, I am going to share some Busy Mom Solutions.   Let’s talk about laundry.  Some do laundry every

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