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What’s Up in the Packrat World?

packrat noun a ratlike rodent that accumulates a mound of sticks and debris in the nest hole, native to North and Central America. NORTH AMERICAN derogatory – a person who saves unnecessary objects or hoards things. The way I look at it,

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how to be a winner at game organization

How To Be A Winner at Game Organization

  What’s your favorite game to play at home? Do you like to play with the kids? By yourself? With other adults? Can you find your games and game accessories? Do each of your card decks still have 52 cards? Are

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Overwhelm: Causes and Cures | Clutter

  Overwhelm. It gets to all of us. Clutter can be a leading cause. During the holiday season is no different. For many, it’s even more prevalent. The holidays often consist of finding spaces for things that usually don’t live

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Are YOU a Creature of Habit?

[hab-it] noun 1. an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary: We all have habits. Ones we can be proud of, and some, maybe not so proud of. One habit I am not so proud of, as far as clutter goes anyway, is leaving my shoes

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29 Facts About Paper Consumption That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

In my almost 10 years of Professional Organizing, paper clutter has been the number one complaint when it comes to disorganization.  How long do I need to keep it? Where did all this junk mail come from? Why oh why do

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Book Review – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

  The Kon-Mari method, a combination of Marie’s first and last name, is a book not so much about how to organize things, but how to rid ourselves of things so we can live a life free from stuff.  And,

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