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The Great Underwear Drawer Debate

The Kiddo’s Underwear Drawer… Once every 6 months, I help my granddaughter “organize” her room.  We usually get to the organizing part after about an hour of me asking “why does your room look like this?” Anyway, while helping her decide

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Linens and Other Things…

I have discovered what I was calling a linen closet in my home was not just a linen closet. It is actually a combination closet. If I practice what I preach or I live in a home with a closet

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how to organize your closet

How To Organize Your Closet This Spring

It’s almost spring, and with the new season comes new clothes.  Spring means hello to light and colorful clothing and goodbye to bulky winter sweaters and boots. It also means it might be a great time to learn how to

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