Busy Mom Solution #1 – The Laundry

Every May, we honor mothers.  Moms are busy people, so why not save some time and effort wherever we can.  This May, I am going to share some Busy Mom Solutions.


Let’s talk about laundry.  Some do laundry every day, some do it twice a week, some do it once a week.  Depending upon how many people are in your family probably determines your frequency. Or, how dirty your kiddos get or how often they change their clothes in a day.

When my girls were small, for some reason there were never enough hangers to match the number of clothes that needed to be hung.  I solved this problem by assigning colored hangers to each girl. That way, when there weren’t enough hangers, I knew who had not brought them from their room to the laundry room by which color hanger was missing.

Hanging clothes directly from the dryer keeps them wrinkle free and off the couch while waiting to be hung.  Every laundry area should have a hanging rod.  If you don’t have room for an entire rod, they make some that fold up out of the way when you are done and attach to a small space on the wall.  Also, they make those that attach over the top of a door.

I am not a fan of multi-tasking, but folding laundry and watching TV is ok by me.  Just do it now – don’t leave the laundry in piles on the couch!  That’s clutter.

One last thing, kids are able to both hang and put their own clothes away by the age of 5.

Is it going to be pretty? Probably not.

However, they are learning to do things for themselves. And isn’t that what we want?

Here’s to clean laundry,




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